DerevoDim SEO Promotion

How to structurize 50 shades of wood which leaded to +131% unique users

Milestones of the DerevoDim project:

131 % SEO (Organic) traffic increase
2000+ keywords operated
Strategies Development
Creating complex content and link building strategies

Complicated industry

DerevoDim (“Tree-House”) is a Ukrainian company, which offers the designing and construction of wooden buildings: country houses, cottages, bathhouses, gazebos, hotels, restaurants and churches

A goal was to get into TOP-10 with high-frequency search queries and in TOP-5 with low-frequency in 2 years

Complicated industry

Tagging and keywords segmentation

The issue was the target page and keywords grouping according to the existing page. In the Ukrainian language, there are a lot of variations of the term ‘wooden house’. Many of them have similar roots

So after primary segmentation we realized that we have pages with 20 and more unique keywords with good frequency. So before the Off-Page SEO stage, we nimbly add sub-categories (a kind of tags) in textual content and metatags of which we may use precise keywords in lower amounts: Wooden house, House from a log, Cottage, Country house, etc

Tagging and keywords segmentation

Off-Page SEO and traffic increase

After full internal optimization and final Semantic Core clustering, we started a linkbuilding process. It involves common and specific methods that are aimed at getting quality backlinks from relevant sources

Additionally, we develop a relevant Content Marketing Strategy, implementing it with the in-house marketer of DerevoDim. In a while, the Blog of DerevoDim became quite popular and “visible” is a Google SERP

Off-Page SEO and traffic increase
Off-Page SEO and traffic increase

Results Achieved

After 2 years of link building, systematic audits and positions check, we've increased SEO traffic to DerevoDim website by 131 %

We got success in 34 high frequent keywords and in 286 low ones

We continued our cooperation with the DerevoDim to strengthen those positions and to work on new prospective areas

Results Achieved
Results Achieved

This case was optimized by:

Project Manager
Communication and Control
Account Manager
Communication and Reporting
Senior SEO Marketer
Strategy Discussion
Semantic Core Composing and Link Building
Textual Content Creation


  • Сompetitors analysis
  • SEO-Audit
  • Keywords research
  • Semantic Core Parsing
  • Fully-optimized internal SEO
  • Link building
  • Tagging
  • Elder magic wand

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