DerevoDim PPC Promotion

- a project of selling projects by launching 4 types of Google Ads campaigns with 98 Ad groups

Milestones of the DerevoDim project:

2753 keywords added
after the 1st launch and 98 Ad groups created and optimized
900 unique visitors per day
In average from all PPC campaigns
2,56% conversion rate

Comprehensive industry

DerevoDim («Tree-House») is a Ukrainian company, which offers the designing and construction of wooden buildings: country houses, cottages, bathhouses, gazebos, hotels, restaurants and churches

A satellite project is shop.derevodim which offers commodities for construction, tree care tools, wooden furniture, etc

The goal was to run a well-structured PPC campaign to increase the overall amount of leads

Comprehensive industry

Planning Types of Ads

After composing and clustering the Semantic Core of the project, we’ve got a precise group of keywords - a basis for Search Ads which is must have in such a type of business

Promo projects and specific pages we included in our remarketing activities which were performed as Google Display Ads

In their turn, building items were represented by both Shopping Ads and Search Ads. Later, Shopping Campaign was transformed into Performance Max type

Of course, we make sure that all our campaigns have nice optimization scores

Planning Types of Ads

Search Ads grouping

One of the most challenging tasks was Search Ads Groups creation. Having prior clusters of queries, sorted by topic, for better relevance of our ads we decided to distribute keywords by intent. For example, different types of wooden houses we also sub-group them by keywords “buy”, “price”, “turnkey”

Also, we’ve made one campaign to trigger our ads by main competitors mentioning search in queries

Search Ads grouping
Search Ads grouping

Results reached

After years of running and improving DerevoDim PPC Campaigns, we ensured:

  • Lowering the Average CPC in 48 %
  • Getting a 2,56% conversion rate in Shop.Derevodim
  • Providing x3 Leads daily by increasing budget in x2 after all the optimization

This case was performed by:

Project Manager
Communication and Control
Account Manager
Communication and Reporting
Senior PPC Marketer
Strategy Discussion
Running and Optimizing Campaigns
Media Creation


  • Сompetitors analysis
  • Product Feed generation
  • Keywords research
  • Banners Creation
  • Ads optimization
  • Automated Bidding
  • Elder magic wand

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