BeGentleman e-commerce and branding website

Bringing back classic fashion with a modern interpretation

Milestones of the BeGentleman project:

Stylish Web-store with helpful selection of sizes
Full e-commerce functionality for a further promo
Fitting enrollment options
For engaging local showrooms visits
Model "Looks" offers
Product bundles from a precise fit purchase

Objectives in beGentleman case

  1. To create a e-commerce store but still with a powerful visual and branding focus

  2. To set a functionality both for online promo and showrooms representations

  3. To develop a website, which will be convenient for the owners in terms of editing and adding products, collections and bundles of seasonal fashion drops and with the precise analytics set

Powerful visual on all pages

All of the products are handmade with patented layouts and curves. Suits, which are the main category of offerings, are crafted exclusively from Italian textiles and accessories

Therefore, the visual presentation of the products is intended to be highly effective without being distracting for users who are ready to make a purchase

As a result, we have decided to eschew traditional filters and sorting options found on classic e-commerce websites. Our catalog pages are designed to captivate users and encourage them to explore more about our assortment and specific offerings

Powerful visual on all pages

Web-design alternatives

There were numerous initial ideas, not only concerning the catalog and product pages but also regarding navigation. Naturally, for such a project, static pages (Main, About Us, and Contacts) play a crucial role in maintaining a balance between representative and branding messages.

All options, even the minor elements, were thoroughly discussed with the client. Some were modified due to complexity or a lack of alignment with the Customer Decision Journey (CDJ) and back-end functionality.

Web-design alternatives
Web-design alternatives
Web-design alternatives

Responsive performance

The accurate portrayal of content, particularly visual elements layout, underwent meticulous development, guided by a mobile-first approach. Those decisions was informed by thorough statistical analysis of our target audience conducted beforehand.

Responsive performance
Responsive performance
Responsive performance
Responsive performance

Fitting Enrollment Function

As BeGentleman specializes in personalized tailoring for suits, that necessitate an in-store visit for fitting and measurements. Therefore, we've crafted a straightforward and user-friendly popup.

This popup can be easily accessed from both the product page and the menu. Our clients receive prompt notifications, and the system is configured to facilitate the reservation of time slots at specific showrooms in various cities.

Fitting Enrollment Function
Fitting Enrollment Function

Looks Decision

The aggregate look feature, designed for acquiring entire outfits from a specific model, needed to offer simplicity not just to the user but also to ensure seamless content management. This is crucial given that these looks may have complete transformations with each season's new collection release

Results of a branding e-store web development

The BeGentleman case serves as an exemplary illustration of our ability to strike a balance between the branding and showcasing aspects of a website and its commercial functions. This approach is thoughtfully designed, considering the preparation for PPC promotion and ensuring the ease of content handling.

Results of a branding e-store web development
Results of a branding e-store web development

Such fashionists mastered this project:

Project Manager
Communication and Managing
Senior Marketer
UX Prototyping
Benchmarking and Prototyping
UI Web-Designer
Mockups and Design
Front-end specialist
Implementation of a Design
Senior Programmer
Comprehensive back-end and mentoring
Back-end coding


  • Competitors analysis
  • Responsive design
  • Fully-optimized internal SEO
  • Fitting request option
  • Aggregate “Looks”
  • James Bond Suit
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • php 7.3
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Ajax
  • WooCommerce

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